Taíno and Carib Territorial Map
Powhatan Museum
of Indigenous Arts and Culture
Taíno "adorno" or decorative ceramic adornment
The Taíno & Carib
These Pages are dedicated to the Taíno and Island Carib
cultures of the Caribbean. Contrary to some written
accounts, they are not extinct. Taíno and Carib societies
have evolved and adapted to changes. Today, their
descendants live both in the Caribbean and abroad.
CLICK on the topics below to access specific information
about both cultures.
About the Taíno
In the search for a
route to obtain
India's black pepper,
encountered the
Ahi instead..
Some Taíno deities, plus  
myths that sparked
relentless searches for gold,
the Fountain of Youth, El
Dorado, La California, and
The Taíno Gallery
The Island Caribs in 1992
A video titled
Interviews with
"Extinct " Warriors
Chief Irvince Auguste
of Dominica.
Click on Zumi to learn
more about the Taíno
The Huracan
or Hurricane, is com-
posed of three Taíno
spirits who visit the
Americas each year.
They are led by the
angry wind goddess
Guabancex, Lady of
the Winds.
(1) Jamaica's first prime minister.
(2) Roberto Mucaro Borerro, (Boriquen Taíno)
Founder of the United Confederation of Taíno
(3) Dr. Jose Barreiro (Cuban Taino) author of
"The Indian Chronicles".
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